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For over two hundred and thirty years the American Republic has weathered wars, epidemics, hostile neighbors, worldwide conflicts, economic disasters, internal struggles, and competing ideologies. Its birth was

Friday, 26 June 2015 00:00 Editorial Cartoonist - Michael Pohrer

Tuesday, 16 June 2015 11:46 GFP Columnist - Trevor Hill
How do we go back thousands of years and change the human condition of race and superiority, or the illusion thereof?  How do we move forward and change the future?  We can’t do either.  For lack of a better term – we’re screwed.
All the work done in the name of friendly race relations doesn’t seem to be sticking, or working, or getting into the thick human skull that we’ve all come to know and love.  The oppression against every race in some way, shape or form is seen throughout our very busy, sometimes happy, but brutal human history.
It would appear that if humans aren’t beating each other into a bloody pulp… we’re not having any fun.  Yes, we’re just that sad.
All the feel-good videos, songs, stories, posters, and conversations have done squat.  Some may argue that the internet has made things worse by actually opening up the racism door even wider by the simple fact that it is a world-wide medium – for all of us to use.  All of us.
The flip side to this is our inherent desire to speak our minds in whatever fashion we deem suitable despite who doesn’t like it.  Although that’s a different story, the results are connected to this one.
Perhaps many thousand of years ago we should have stayed in our respective caves with our respective races and not ventured out to other lands.  But we all know that wasn’t gonna happen.
Tuesday, 09 June 2015 20:59 Gregory Shupak Editorial Dept - Middle East
Expanding the U.S.-led ISIS War to Other Countries - According to a 29 April report in The New York Times, leaders from the U.S.-led coalition at war with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) will meet in the coming weeks to consider broadening the mission to other countries. At present, the Obama administration is attempting to secure congressional support for a measure that would authorize expanding the war to such nations as Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia, and Yemen. Extending U.S.-led military operations would be disastrous and should be resisted.

Western military intervention is not the way to solve the ISIS crisis. Thus far it has made few gains against the group and ISIS is still strong – despite the coalition being at war against them since the U.S. began carrying out airstrikes in August of last year. The coalition has gone on more than 3,700 bombing runs in Iraq and Syria but still ISIS holds important territories such as Mosul in Iraq and Deir Ezzor in Syria.

Recently ISIS has advanced on Damascus and attacked both Ramadi, the capital of Iraq's Anbar province, and Baiji, Iraq's largest oil refinery. There is also evidence that the number of people leaving Europe to join ISIS has actually increased in recent months. Meanwhile, there are signs of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra working together at Yarmouk, the Palestinian refugee camp in Syria. Therefore, coalition bombings are facilitating cooperation between ISIS and al-Nusra, as some earlier reports also suggest.

Monday, 08 June 2015 10:04 GFP Columnist - Alan Caruba
It doesn’t matter that Bruce Jenner, famed Olympic athlete and member of the Kardashian family, thinks that he is female. He can never be female no matter what surgery he undertakes to make it reflect the fantasy in his head. Born a male, his body is a billion cells and nerve contacts whose DNA determines his true gender.

That’s why those who are buying into the pop cultural myth and news coverage of Jenner’s announced transformation should be greeted “Hello, Sucker!”  It’s worse than just plain stupidity; it is the tip of a massive effort to alter society that dates back to those arrogant and deluded founders of communism who thought that, for it to succeed, the family as a key element of all societies, had to be eliminated.

Dr. Paul Kengor, Ph.D., is a leading scholar on Communism and the author, among other excellent books, of “Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century” and, just out, “Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has sabotaged Family and Marriage.” 

The only way progressives—communists—know how to advance their agenda is to lie about it in every way. Even a short look at the lives of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the authors of Communist manifesto, Das Kapital, tells you what motivated their wish to destroy the family.

Friday, 05 June 2015 23:02 Mario Candeias Editorial Dept - Feature Editorials
What should we call the current era? Post-everything? Or perhaps, the interregnum? Whatever the name it should be given, the current period is characterized by neoliberal trans-nationalization. In addition, U.S. hegemony has been under question since the beginning of this period. In fact, the Empire is no longer U.S.-American and a change in hegemony is in full swing. Despite what world-systems theorists such as Giovanni Arrighi suggest, the balance does not seem to be tipping toward China. Nevertheless, as Niall Ferguson points out, it is moving toward Chimerica. Furthermore, since the beginning of the global financial crisis, no project has been in sight that could reorganize the active consensus of the subalterns, move perspectives on accumulation one step up the ladder, and provide a position capable of establishing a new world order.

Attempts to secure neoliberal positions through authoritarianism are now facing a new transnational cycle of movements (Candeias 2013). Alongside numerous attempts by Islamist movements, the remaining great powers are sparring for spheres of influence, whether in Eastern Europe or through the appropriation of African resources. At the same time, the United States is endeavouring to prevent further losses of its room to manoeuvre; Russia is striving to expand its influence through energy and resource policies, and arms trafficking, whereas China has linked its imperial ambitions to the provision of foreign aid.

Friday, 05 June 2015 22:07 Dr. Klaus Kaiser Editorial Dept - Science
A couple of Arctic explorers, actually adventurers, have gone missing and are presumed to have drowned. Just a few weeks ago, Marc Cornelissen and his companion kept armchair explorers enthralled with tweets and soundtracks like “Skiing in shorts: Tropical day in the Arctic.”

Are people like Cornelissen real explorers or just out to garner attention for stunt-like actions and publicity for their Arctic adventures?

What’s the Arctic?

The Arctic is a vast expanse, covering land in Siberia, Greenland and Canada’s Arctic Archipelago as well as a large tract of ocean. In fact, most of the Arctic (defined here as the area north of the 67th parallel of latitude) is not land but sea.

Some people think that any area with saltwater in northern hemisphere is part of the Arctic. For example, the National Snow & Ice Data Center (NSDIC) daily measurements of “Arctic sea-ice” include sea-ice in areas well south of the polar circle (67 N), in fact even south of mid-latitude (45 N). No wonder people get confused as to what constitutes “the Arctic.” That kind of misleading definition of “Arctic” is also the cause of some people looking for adventure and publicity by “exploring” the Arctic.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015 21:44 GFP Columnist - G. Tod Slone
Today, criticism of Islam is at the vanguard of the fight for free speech, since it is susceptible to attack and intimidation by jihadists and calls for self-censorship by the politically correct. Geller refers to her meeting as a free-speech event while her critics prefer to call it an anti-Islam event. They are really one and the same. - Rich Lowry, editor, National Review.

The New York Times editorial board, comprised of 19 journalists, published a paltry attempt to circumvent the reality of free speech.  Its “Free Speech vs. Hate Speech” essay addressed the Garland, TX draw Muhammad cartoon event.  How did 19 journalists actually agree to publish such an egregious example of what Salman Rushdie called the “but brigade.” 

So, what is the “but brigade”?  Rushdie provides a few examples to illlustrate the phenomenon:  “I believe in free speech, but people should behave themselves.” “I believe in free speech, but we shouldn’t upset anybody.” “I believe in free speech, but let’s not go too far.”  Get it?  Hopefully, you do.  In essence, the “but” indicates that the person(s) using it do not really believe in free speech at all.  They believe in limited speech that does not offend; that is, speech that clearly does not need legal protection.

Those New York Times editorial journalists stipulated up front the usual superficial support for free speech typically given by “but brigade” members:  “There is no question that images ridiculing religion, however offensive they may be to believers, qualify as protected free speech in the United States and most Western democracies.”   Then in typical “but brigade” fashion, the 19 journalists attacked and disparaged those who exercized their right to free speech and were almost massacred for doing so.  They argued the Garland event “was not really about free speech,” but “was an exercise in bigotry and hatred posing as a blow for freedom.” 
Monday, 25 May 2015 15:42 David Moore Editorial Dept - Africa
In the past weeks a few South Africans – possibly inspired by an artificially resuscitated Zulu ‘king’ who mused that it might be a good idea for foreigners to go home to till their fields – murdered seven migrants, pillaged hundreds more and scared thousands into temporary refuge camps.

The vast majority of their compatriots responded in shock and sympathy with the victims. Most South African interpreters of this carnage repeated a tendency typical to that corner of the planet: exceptionalism. It might be helpful to challenge this patriotic particularism with wider global and deeper historical comparisons.

Even whilst nearly 1,000 other Africans seeking refuge from zones of war and economic devastation were drowning in the Mediterranean, South African discourse about its latest round of xenophobia remained provincial. As in the past, South Africa's intellectuals focused on the ‘special types’ of this country's interactions with a long history of global transformations. From the South Africa Communist Party's (SACP) “Colonialism of a Special Type” (CST) to invocations for ‘national democratic societies’ (down a few notches from NDRs, but on a distinct detour to socialism's road nonetheless), South Africans tend to think they're unique.


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