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The Mainstream Media’s (MsM) assault on evangelical Christian Conservatives is going to backfire on them. Some feel it has already begun.  Consider the number of major news outlets in financial troub

Wednesday, 09 April 2014 16:03 Editorial Dept - Videos

Before we left and went on our journey to reinvent the GFP, we posted this very cool video of people from around the world groovin’ to Pharrell William’s “Happy” song.  This silly yet contagious song has somehow inspired people to get off their collectives asses and jump around their neighbourhoods wearing big happy smiles.

We’ve decided to put it back on – for eternity, or until the internet breaks.

Besides Pharrell’s ‘official’ version, hundreds of people in dozens of countries and cities across the planet have indulged us all with their own home-grown versions.  People from Argentina, China, Russia, Kuwait... to places I didn’t know existed with names I can’t pronounce are all up and bouncing around the hood!

Every colour imaginable, every religion possible, young and old, straight, gay and in-between, rich and poor, in virtually every video – together – dancing and smiling… wow…who knew?

Thursday, 03 October 2013 12:45 G. Tod Slone Editorial Dept - Free Speech
Freedom of Speech Is, by Nature, Confrontational - People like you—with your censorious little minds and your narrow horizons—do more than anyone to inspire those of us who believe that free speech is the very cornerstone of our civilization: to guard it jealously; to defend it; and to insist upon it absolutely unfettered, undiluted, in full, without any form of compromise, no matter who claims to be offended and never, ever, to concede an inch. - Pat Condell
It was time to give myself a boot in the ass and stand up… for the Bill of Rights.  Earlier that morning, I’d decided to skip it, for why bother when I already knew what the end result would likely be:  massive student apathy. 

Judicial Watch, a watchdog over government, legal, and judicial systems, had brought attention to the anniversary of the Bill of Rights and asked for volunteers to give local presentations throughout the country. 

So, I wrote my local library, Sturgis Library, one of the oldest in the nation:

Tuesday, 24 September 2013 00:00 Human Rights Watch Editorial Dept - Human Rights
Unchecked Mass Surveillance Threatens Rights - Governments around the world should aggressively protect online privacy through stronger laws and policies as pervasive electronic surveillance increases. There is an urgent need to overhaul national surveillance practices to protect everyone’s privacy, or risk severely limiting the potential of the Internet.

Global growth in digital communications, coupled with increased government computing powers, have fueled expansive, new surveillance practices. Justifying the use of these tactics under outdated legal frameworks has permitted overbroad and highly invasive intrusions on the right to privacy.

To guide countries in modernizing privacy protections, Human Rights Watch has endorsed a set of International Principles on the Application of Human Rights to Communications Surveillance, released on September 20, 2013, by a broad group of civil society organizations in Geneva.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013 16:53 Alan Caruba Editorial Dept - Free Press
The Boston Marathon bombing was, by any measure, a major news story. It occurred on Monday, April 15. In the days that followed, Americans were surely interested in the effort to find and arrest the two brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsaraev, identified as the perpetrators.

With specific regard to television news coverage, why that involved preempting all other news as well as scheduled broadcasting on the major networks, defies the imagination. Even the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion got short shrift. Compounding the 24/7 coverage was the fact that so little was known during most of the week. Reporters began to sound like they were lobotomized.

I knew within moments after the identification of the Tsaraev brothers as immigrants from Chechnya that they were Muslims. I not only didn’t need an expert to tell me that, but as the week continued, the real mystery is why news reporters and anchors were so silent on this obvious fact. Chechens have a long history in the intelligence community as being among the leading volunteers wherever al Qaeda is engaged in terrorism or warfare.

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