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Earth Day was declared in 1970 and for the past 45 years we have all been living in the Environmental Insane Asylum, being told over and over again to believe things that are the equivalent of Green hallucinati

Wednesday, 29 July 2015 15:54 GFP Columnist - G. Tod Slone
This Commentary is in response to the article “Humans: We’re Losing the Race”.

“All the feel-good videos, songs, stories, posters, and conversations have done squat,” notes Global Free Press publisher Trevor Hill in “Humans We’re Losing the Race.” So, why yet another conversation… which will do squat?  The answer is quite simple:  free expression of an opinion in a democracy.  The following reaction to Hill’s conversation is a feel-bad conversation… which will also do squat. 

One might question, however, the do-squat conclusion.  After all, the multitude of conversations about race have become a multimillion-dollar industry, making some people lots and lots of money, especially in the realm of academe.  Think of the high salaries and life-time sinecures of the multitude of superfluous professors, directors, and chancellors of diversity, whose sole purpose is to perpetuate the conversation about race. 

Think of white, anti-white stereotyper, “white privilege” inventor Tim Wise and his lucrative career on the academic anti-white, multiculti-lecture circuit(  Think of  illegal immigrant Antonio Jose Vargas, who is also cashing in big time (  And then of course, one might point to multimillionaire race hustlers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. 

Saturday, 25 July 2015 16:18 GFP Columnist - Jack Random
One of the questions consuming the meditation of philosophers through the ages:  What is the nature of evil?  Some suggest that greed is at its core and center.  Others suggest it is vengeance.  Still others propose that evil lacks a moral core.  It is violence, death and destruction without external motive.  It is essentially masochism.  It enjoys the suffering of others for its own sake. 

We like to believe we know evil when we see it.  As Americans we recognize evil in others far more often than we see it in ourselves.  We see evil whenever our leaders proclaim it and we sanction the full force of the most awesome military machine the world has ever known.  When Presidents Bush, Clinton and Bush proclaimed evil in the person of Saddam Hussein, we sanctioned a series of military actions culminating in the most disastrous strategic blunder in modern history. 

The warlords in Washington are undaunted.  They look at the disintegration of the Middle East, the chaos, destruction and perpetual dysfunction that we ourselves have wrought, and they see opportunity.  They see a new personification of evil on earth and they will not rest until they have stirred the American people into yet another irrational cry for war. 

They know how it ends.  They know the price to be paid will be bloody and pointless yet they do not seem to care.  They are the paper generals who sit on the mountaintop and watch the battle unfold below.  They will never be called upon to sacrifice.  Their children will not be pulled into the fight.  They will issue the call for more soldiers and mightier weapons and they will call it patriotism.  They will invent victories out of mirages that vanish as quickly as they appear.  They will hold parades in their own honor.  The will hold press conferences and make television appearances to congratulate themselves.  They will reap the benefits of war in political success. 

Saturday, 25 July 2015 15:39 GFP Columnist - Joseph M. Cachia
“If governments let themselves be fully bound by the decisions of their parliaments without protecting their own freedom to act, a breakup of Europe would be a more probable outcome than deeper integration. - Mario Monti

Following the resounding "No" from Greek voters in a referendum on austerity, which could send the country crashing out of the euro-zone, European leaders were scrambling in total disarray and confusion.

Greece may be ‘broke’, but it surely broke the backbone of the European Union.  It may have lost the economic, financial and political battle, but not the war.

Whatever the E.U.’s response to the courageous Greek “No”, this daring vote blasts wide-open the volatility and frailty of the Union.  Another bailout would shatter all propositions and self-imposed regulations of the euro-zone, while its negation would send Greece tumbling out of the euro-zone and possibly out of the E.U. and N.A.T.O.!

Is the prophecy of the ‘The New York Times’ coming to fruition?  “Economy Shows Cracks in European Union”, it had predicted.  “but even many committed Europeanists believe that the alliance is failing the test…. and they have rushed to protect jobs in their home markets at the expense of those in other member countries”.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015 15:28 GFP Columnist - Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser
Ashley, as in Madison, had a security breach, so the news said. Millions of not-so-fidelity-minded spouses may have their quiet affairs breached.

What a bummer, is nothing safe anymore?

Not only does the world have to cope with constant claptrap about runaway global warming or climate change, now even the bedroom climate is coming under suspicion; quite possibly, it could get hotter yet. But don’t fear, the Apostolic See is going to help you out. As the Ring of Fire Radio, LLC reports, “Mayors from around the world go to Vatican City to sign the Pope’s pledge on climate agreement.”

Moral Imperatives and Control

The statement emanating from that encounter says “...effective control is a moral imperative for humanity.” I quite agree. With the many millions of dollars the Vatican’s dioceses have had to cough up so far to settle numerous lawsuits about a variety of improprieties, what we really need is good teachings about moral imperatives. The only question is if the Vatican will provide the divine guidance so much needed. Just a couple of weeks ago, Pope Francis said on Thursday, “I say this to you with regret: Many grave sins were committed against the native peoples of America in the name of God” and “Like Saint John Paul II, I ask that the Church ‚Äòkneel before God and implore forgiveness for the past and present sins of her sons and daughters’ and “But where there was sin, and there was plenty of sin, ...”

Wednesday, 22 July 2015 10:27 David Bush Editorial Dept - Human Rights
A year ago this month, Israel commenced Operation Protective Edge, their third major assault on the Gaza strip since 2008. The response from Canada's political parties was a swift and unflinching support for Israel. The 51-day war, or rather display of modern mechanical butchery by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), killed 2,251 Palestinians, over two thirds of whom were civilians, including 500 children. More than 10,000 were injured. By comparison 71 Israelis were killed and only six of them were civilians. Roughly 500 Israelis were injured.

By any account this was a slaughter. But the grim toll of lives and limbs only scratches the surface of the savagery. An estimated 20,000 Palestinian homes were destroyed or suffered major damage (this figure might be very low) and more than 100,000 people were displaced. Twenty-seven government schools, 46 clinics, 15 hospitals, eight fire stations, one ambulance station and over 500 factories and workshops were either completely destroyed or severely damaged. The agricultural sector in Gaza suffered major losses as Israel targeted nearly half of the agricultural sector – driving up food prices. The Israelis also obliterated 73 mosques and partially damaged 200 others, as well as Gaza's only two churches – that is roughly one third of the mosques in Gaza. The IDF didn't just slaughter Palestinians – it destroyed their livelihoods.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015 10:14 Barry Finger Editorial Dept - Europe
If the ongoing standoff between the Syriza government and the Troika of the European Union (EU), European Central Bank (ECB), and International Monetary Fund (IMF) could be boiled down to its essentials, it would be this: The “institutions” will only equip the Greek economy with enough operating funds to manage a bare-bones operation. And they will begrudgingly accede to this only if Syriza maintains a primary surplus and the neoliberal labour market reforms that the Troika judges necessary to keep the Greek economy, and other eurozone economies, competitive in the global market. The left-wing government must, in essence, demonstrate that its loyalty to the European bankers’ project takes precedence over its obligations to democracy.

If accepted, this means, for Syriza, that it will not be able to implement its anti-austerity measures – the massive public works projects needed to revive the country's economy, expand its tax base, or drive down its public debt through growth. Bailout of the private and national central banks, which had or still hold sovereign Greek debt on their balance sheets, is, in any case, now being internalized by the ECB by means of quantitative easing. These toxic assets have been swapped out for euros at terms far in excess of their actual market values. This is not a complete bailout of the banking system. It will not restore that sector to its previous level of profitability. But quantitative easing is sufficient to guarantee eurozone-banking-system liquidity should the Greeks refuse to listen to “reason” and renege on their “commitments,” thereby triggering a run on the banks.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015 11:46 GFP Columnist - Trevor Hill
How do we go back thousands of years and change the human condition of race and superiority, or the illusion thereof?  How do we move forward and change the future?  We can’t do either.  For lack of a better term – we’re screwed.
All the work done in the name of friendly race relations doesn’t seem to be sticking, or working, or getting into the thick human skull that we’ve all come to know and love.  The oppression against every race in some way, shape or form is seen throughout our very busy, sometimes happy, but brutal human history.
It would appear that if humans aren’t beating each other into a bloody pulp… we’re not having any fun.  Yes, we’re just that sad.
All the feel-good videos, songs, stories, posters, and conversations have done squat.  Some may argue that the internet has made things worse by actually opening up the racism door even wider by the simple fact that it is a world-wide medium – for all of us to use.  All of us.
The flip side to this is our inherent desire to speak our minds in whatever fashion we deem suitable despite who doesn’t like it.  Although that’s a different story, the results are connected to this one.
Perhaps many thousand of years ago we should have stayed in our respective caves with our respective races and not ventured out to other lands.  But we all know that wasn’t gonna happen.

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