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The Power Game for the Rich and Psychotic – Closely related to Religion, Politics comes in second with its ability to have a cult-like status that can reach a fever pitch with any hot-under-the-collar political groupie. From Conservatives, Libertarians and Labour Parties, to Dictatorships, Socialists and Communists, to Liberals and even the Marijuana Party (CDN), Politics is the Religion of the rich, the powerful and the completely out to lunch.

Politics, like Religion, has spun way out of control with it becoming more and more lost inside itself, bogged down by its own poorly developed doctrine. Ever seen the Korean Legislature in action? These humans have no problem starting a brawl if someone sneezes the wrong way.

In many European countries, the political turmoil can explode into full fledged riots! Look at what’s happening in France these days, Sarkozy mentions Pension Reform and it brings out the worst in Parisians! And in Canada, the government of the day has taken the term 'political mumbo-jumbo' to a whole new level.

In every country, around the world, there is not one governing system at any level that works. This is nothing new, you’ll say. That’s right, because like all of our evolutionary developments, finally getting a decent political system up and running is a no go. As usual, human selfishness gets in the way.

China likes their Communistic hold they have on their people, but because global economics demanded they ease up on their distaste of western influences, China was smart enough to introduce a very watered down version of Capitalism to the Chinese people. They’re a happy bunch these days.

Americans believe that their two-party system is the best that Democracy can buy. However, it would seem that this system has divided their country in two; and the inner feelings towards being a Republican or a Democrat are generally fiercely strong. Families whose entire line has been an ‘R’ or ‘D’ will die as such. Unless you’re a member of the oddball ‘Tea Party’ group; whatever they are.

Dictators everywhere wipe out their own people by the hundreds of thousands until the CIA helps with another coup and insert the next leader. Who then goes around wiping out his people by the hundreds of thousands. And around and around we go.

The U.S.S.R., which is what they called it in the good old days, changed their political gears after several countries broke away and they saw themselves sliding down into the proverbial economic toilet – without a paddle. Communism fell to the wayside for the more attractive idea of Capitalism and now the Russian Mafia is doing much better.

In Canada, as in many other countries, we have political parties coming out of the proverbial woodwork. At last count there were four main parties, plus sixteen semi-level parties, and a bunch of others that will never see the light of governmental day, and I mean a bunch, at last count it was thirty-nine, this includes the Sex Party. Yes, the Sex Party, who describes itself as "the world's first registered political party dedicated exclusively to sex-positive issues". Well of course they are.

Around the world, in every government, from the Sudanese Warlord to Sarkozy, from Putin to Obama, no one likes their leader, except those living in Burma and North Korea.

Politics are open for the very best liars of the very rich. And it really doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Once in blue moon an average schmuck gets to join the “special group” and it’s quite likely an attempt by the real “powers-that-be” to make it look like they’re actually human.

Sometimes, occasionally, every now and then, people get their Politics mixed up with their Religion and things get messy. Religion is generally at fault with this problem as it believes it should be a part of Politics and do silly things like teach “Creationism” and have students recite a prayer in public schools, and allow politicians to make decisions based upon their religious beliefs. This sometimes forced incestuous relationship between Religion and Politics has been at the forefront of human political stupidity for longer than anyone should dare remember, and it continues today. When “In God We Trust” is on your money – it doesn’t get any closer than that.

Has any version of politics ever worked? No.

That’s why we are all doomed to always say those famous words about any form of Politics, “The system might not always work, but it’s the best we got”.

Well isn’t that sad.

War: Lady Politics’ Pissed Off Brother

I was going to give ‘War’ it’s very own Part in these Series but I figured it hasn’t changed since day one and why should I waste perfectly good content space on a subject that simply remains the same throughout eons of time!

We’ve got this War stuff down to a fine art. If there is anything we humans have figured out really well, it’s how to eliminate other humans, in whatever numbers your little heart desires.

We’ve been clubbing each other in the head since we knew what a goddamn club was – a piece of a tree. Humans just can’t get enough of this stuff. And if we don’t have a war going on, (which is a laugh to even suggest it) we fill in the gap with what we civilized folks fondly call – sports.

War, like its siblings Religion and Politics, is a business as well. War funds and fuels a litany of human endeavours all designed to bring more power and money to the politically rich and stupid.

Corporations make money with wars, it puts people to work, it creates inventions and improves medicine, it increases resources (for the winners) and it helps to reduce the population (usually for the losers).

War will never stop, and I can safely say ‘never’. If, after trudging our way along, for as long as we have, and we still don’t have a clue about how we should behave with each other, I can safely say – ‘never’, and not worry about ever being wrong.

And that’s even sadder.

Religion, Politics and War: The Top Three Man-Made Monsters

These three entities started before humans ever had a chance to realize what our true potential could be.

When we look backward into time, at every turn it becomes clear that our main purpose as a human is to survive no matter what. This human selfishness guides our actions and gives us the ability to take each other out with or without remorse – usually without.

And this same selfishness is what created the three unstoppable monsters. In the end, we only have ourselves to thank for the mess we are in; not God, or god; nor Obama, the Dali Lama, Bin Laden, Darth Vader or Bugs Bunny.

If man’s only reason to continue to be here is based on our selfish drive for survival, then we truly are a mistake. And this is evident in the length of time we have been working on becoming “civilized”.

When we say that the human trip we’ve been on through the millions of years is all about ‘human growth’ and is a ‘natural’ part of our progression, then we suck at learning any lessons. It’s obvious that we will never learn or evolve. Truly, we’re clueless.

Our tidbits of ‘kindnesses’ are generally driven by selfish needs. True unselfishness is hard to achieve for a bunch of tree-swinging morons, who are more geared to lie, cheat and deceive. Mind you Buddhists give it a good shot.

Let’s face it; the world has the collective IQ of petrified wood.

The title, ‘The Asteroid Can’t Come Any Faster’, is not a wish for an actual asteroid, even though it would make for a great show and it would certainly give us all something else to do; it is of course, a metaphoric thought.


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