Wednesday, 21 March 2012 20:30 GFP Columnist - Trevor Hill
Democracy Hits an All Time Low - Canada is living with a Dictator and his name is Stephen Harper, our current Prime Minister.  If this sounds outlandish then perhaps you are a conservative or you don’t believe in the obvious set of circumstances surrounding the statement.

Normally I don’t go bounding off into space with silly articles, but yet, when one begins to add up all the tiny pictures of Harper’s coup d’etat, and then looks at the whole show now, a reasonable conclusion starts to form.  A Democratic Dictatorship.(1)  Not a farfetched idea from a mad man (me), nor a bizarre conspiracy theory, but an actual possibility.

Now before you go off to warm-up your hockey sticks to pummel me with, how about I go over a few things first.

To make a very long story short… a one time fan of former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau and a member of the Young Liberals Club, Stephen Harper soon changed his political hat when he disagreed with Trudeau and his National Energy Program.  From there he moved on to the Progressive Conservatives and started as chief aide to PC MP Jim Hawkes.

Harper’s eventual dislike of PC Leader Brian Mulroney, his PC government, his administration policies, and finally the PC Party as well, had him flipping his hat again.  With an invitation from Preston Manning to deliver a speech to the Reform Party, Harper soon joined in as one of heavies of the group. It was 1987.

But Harper’s fun didn’t end there. Between 1987 and over the next fifteen years or so, he continued to piss off everyone who worked with him.  Like Preston Manning and Stockwell Day for example.  Essentially, Harper doesn’t play well with others and generally has a hissy-fit anytime things aren’t quite going his way.

After creating a coalition / alliance between the old Progressive Conservatives whose leader at the time was Peter MacKay, and what was left of the Reform Party and the Alliance Party; he came out of this cozy threesome as the leader of the ‘new’ Conservative Party of Canada.  It was now 2003.

With an election called, Harper essentially bullcrapped his way throughout the entire campaign and bombarded the Canadian public with a volley of ‘attacks ads’ of all sizes, shapes and mediums; and used “American style” scare tactics at every available moment.  Most of what Harper said prior to his first election for prime minister is not the same as he states today.  Opinions and policies have flipped from top to bottom and from left to right. Literally.

Between the lies, fear-mongering and attack ads, Harper pulled together a solid right-wing conservative core group and along with a smaller group of past progressive conservatives created an opportunity to begin his takeover by capitalizing on the Sponsorship Scandal with Paul Martin, the Liberal Prime Minister at the time.

After winning his minority government, Harper’s first task was to train all the new ministers to say exactly the same thing, day in and day out, forever – oh yes, and deny anything and everything.  Harper’s control over his ministerial staff was and is undeniably ridged.  Harper’s control didn’t end there, his tightly run media conferences have infuriated journalists from all over.

The Liberals mumbled their way along with Stéphane Dion and then Michael Ignatieff as party leaders, both of whom felt the wrath of Harper’s vengeance with crude attack ads on the radio, the television and online; even without an election going on.

The transition from a democratic parliament to a dictatorship wasn’t a smooth one and although a few roadblocks were thrown up by the then opposition party Liberals, Harper worked his way past, through, over and under all of the obstacles one by one.

Harper prorogued the parliament two times, because once just isn’t enough. He made every vote a confidence vote (which in turn creates an election if voted down) and then he topped it off by changing some few hundred or so parliamentary traditions, some dating back to the beginning of this country's existence.

Now he’s changing the Laws, what will be next, the Constitution?  Possibly.

When the dust settled after the last election and Canadians started the next day with a conservative majority government, those who hadn’t voted have now found themselves regretting staying home that day.

The saddest part of all?  The election was won with a mere thirty-nine percent (39%) of only fourteen million election votes, not thirty-nine percent of all twenty-four million eligible Canadian voters!

Thus, out of the twenty-four million eligible voters, only twenty-three percent (23%) voted for the conservatives.  That’s only five and half million voters.  Speaking for thirty-three million Canadian citizens!

With sixty percent (60%) of the votes against the conservatives, their long-winded annoying rant of “Canadians gave us a strong mandate” is a little twisted.  I suppose if you say it enough, you’ll believe it.

Harper continued his road to Dictator by filling up virtually every available seat in the Senate with conservative friends, neighbours and who ever smiled the right way, like Pamela Wallen and Mike Duffy, both are ex-CTV News staff, and both of whom (and along with many others) have absolutely no business being Senators in the first place.

If you recall, Harper first supported Senate Reform, but changed his mind and decided that having a conservative majority Senate had more uses than not having one.

With the Senate neatly in his pocket and the majority conservative government in Parliament, Harper has succeeded in putting a stranglehold on the entire democratic process.

Now Canadians will have to endure whatever laws et al, Harper considers benefits “all Canadians” – which in reality – don’t benefit “all Canadians” but caters to the conservative core, those hard-nose right-wingers who would ban abortions, gay marriage and have us all saying prayers before classes start.

Right now, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has more power than President Barack Obama. Hard to believe but it’s true. And that is just plain scary.

Unfortunately the story doesn’t end there and if anything Canadians are getting ready to deal with the consequence of this dictatorship when the Omnibus Crime Bill is made into cement despite whatever “hearings that are underway in the Senate” (the same conservative majority controlled Senate); it will not matter in the end as the conservatives will vote and pass it anyway.  Along with anything else they want.

The Omnibus Crime Bill (C-10) is a carbon copy of the American version that was discontinued because of its serious flaws and detrimental outcomes.  With its famous “Mandatory Sentences”, it will put kids into prison and eliminates the judicial process of fair sentencing.  It also comes at a time when crime is down in this country and has been on the decline for many years.  Along with this atrocity is the building of new prisons across the country because they will need to house the kids and grandmas they arrest over smoking a joint.  Passing a joint in front of a school will get you 2 years in federal penitentiary.  Pack your toothbrush.

What a great way to rid the country of anybody who messes with Harper’s utopia.

You can’t have a Dictatorship without the ability to spy on your peasants, so following the American plan, Harper recently unleashed the Internet Surveillance Bill (C-30) and is ready to hand our asses on a silver platter to (his) the RCMP, thus giving them the authority to ask for any IP Address of any person without a warrant.  It gets better, not only will the Gesta… oops - police have carte blanc to see every move you make but the government can assign “officers” (i.e. government employees) to view any IP Address information they wish, and that includes Harper himself.

And now the “robo-call” scandal has everyone’s tongues wagging.  Could the Conservatives knowingly send voters to non-existent voting polls?  The answer may be ‘yes’. Or it may be ‘no’.  One thing is for sure someone’s been playing around and if the Liberals are doing anything like this then there is no doubt that the Conservatives are also up to whatever dirty tricks there are available.

Considering they have an enormous amount in their coffers, the Conservatives have the means and the motive to stack the vote in their favour at any cost.  With the advent of the complaints pouring into Elections Canada in the thousands, and combined with the questionable wins in the some of the election ridings by a mere seven, eighteen, or thirty-one votes, certainly leads the citizens to wonder what the hell is exactly going on here?

I’ve never seen the country as divided between the right and the left as Canada is now and it’s continuing to move toward a dangerous curve in the road ahead.  If Harper wanted his own Little America, I’d say he’s got it.

But it’s a majority of the Canadian people who will get toasted over Harper’s zealous nature while wreaking havoc coast to coast to coast.  Not the fortunate few.

There is only one thing we can do about it.

Vote – vote like we’ve never voted before!

Sure, the next election is a long way off but between now and then, the people of this country need to talk to each other – and I don’t care how, text, message, post, call or even the dreaded actual "face-to-face" method and pass it along.

Make the memories of the people who built and founded this country, and for those who fought for the freedom we take for granted every goddamn day – proud.

Are we to let them down?  Did they do all this for these current generations to ignore their most important right they will ever have?

If you’re going to act like you’re in a democracy, then you’d better be ready to back it up!  Not by setting cop cars on fire and smashing store windows, but by mobilizing the troops to encourage everyone who can cast a vote to get up off their ass and do so when the time comes.

Democracy doesn’t come to people gift wrapped with a pretty bow, and “just add water” instructions inside.  If you want it, you have to do something about it!

Vote – vote like we’ve never voted before!  It’s time the people of this country break the old voter turnout numbers by the tens of millions!

At least this way, when the next Supreme Ruler of Canada says they have a strong mandate, they probably will have.

Canadians have three years to go – we shouldn’t be wasting time.

Vote – vote like we’ve never voted before!

Image Courtesy of the Prime Minister’s Office


A form of government where the candidate is elected by popular vote but rarely or never actually enacts any policies that reflect the actual wishes of the constituency. The elected representative can either use subtle diplomacy to deflect criticism, arrange for various forms of distraction to divert public attention, or be brazen in publicly declaring that policy will be different to popular opinion. Coined by Tim Francis in 2005.

The United States Federal Government’s track record in regards to foreign policy and engaging military conflict could lead one to the conclusion that it has evolved into a democratic dictatorship. The same could be said for both the Federal Australian and UK governments to some extent, particularly in relation to Iraq and the Kyoto Agreement.

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+1 #11 bill f 2014-12-05 19:46
well, I am not a supporter of any party that takes a majority govt and turns it into a partisan party govt. I am not so sure that these pro cons are totally convinced that their illustrious leader mr harper is that credible. I think they shake thinking about his response if challenged. this is all about political nonsense that has nothing to do about governing a country, it is about a power process that appears to be a global fascist process. harper is a corporate pawn and if left in power will make Canadians subservient pawns only not so well supported or paid. if stevie isn't re-elected, he will probably resign to the board rooms of the corporations. hope I am wrong but lets wait and see.
0 #10 Asterick 2014-05-21 15:41
The formula of Dictatorship:
- UN a Reichiarchy Dissolution dissolved by name change
- Utilization of Law Enforcement Blessing, the deconstructed Reichiarchy, pulling into ones sight, the end result of similar hypnotic literary devices such as Yahtzee itza la, shaking tent, Reichiarchy etc
- Usage of Law Enforcement constructs to empower the leader at the cost of scapegoating, using reduction policies to reinforce institutions, religions and families; denying choice for opinions and agreements.
- Agreements utilizing a grand master, loyal assistant dynamic with one who oversees such; ie religious Reichiarchy counterpart, traceable to approved Nostradamian Literary Devices of the church of Peter; in particular, the Anti-Christ synchronicity.
+1 #9 Johnny 2013-03-23 22:02
@ #7 Matt Sinfield and #8 Colin: the article may not have been written well, but the gist of it is to 'vote' - 'vote for whoever you want, but just fucking vote'!

:-| The most important line is this one:

"At least this way, when the next Supreme Ruler of Canada says they have a strong mandate, they probably will have."

That's what we need to remember because we fell asleep during the last election and look what happened.

If the conservatives are going to win again, then they should damn well work for it!
-1 #8 Colin 2013-03-19 23:53
While i am not a huge fan of the Harper government, i must say, your article is huge on words and veeerrrryyyy short on factual information. I agree that Harper has caused many problems, but id like some resources for which you have based your claims on, or then they are just that, claims... At first i voted for Harper because i liked that he lead with the promise that government was going to be accountable to the constituents. In the last election i did not vote for Harper because his government has been less than accountable re: the f-35's and his being charged with contempt of parliament, however i must also point out that the liberal government under Paul Martin started the bill to buy the f-35's and it has been a calamity of errors and cover-ups ever since, under both the liberal and conservative governments...
0 #7 Matt Sinfield 2013-01-23 08:29
I'm not a Harper fan and am an ex-PC member as a result but this article is very poorly written even as an op-ed piece. If the opposition focuses it's energy on putting together fact based substantial bits of journalism rather than ... whatever it is you call this - we may have a better chance of getting our views across.
+4 #6 carl 2013-01-23 06:28
At the start of this story you said that if you find this outlandish then you are a conservative...well i beg to differ I am a conservative and have always been a conservative but I refuse to accept this person as a conservative...He came from the Reform Party and has adapted most of their values and has disguised it under the name of the conservatives.. As long as this person has anything to do with the PC party of this fine country of " ours" I will never vote for them... This jerk of a PM has to be voted out before he turns us all upside down with his communist values !!!! Canada is slowly becoming a Communist country and it will not work here as it hasn't in other countries..Vote Vote Vote do what it takes people to get this person out of our Politics no matter what !!!
+7 #5 natasha adams 2013-01-22 20:43
I believe in voting, I've voted every chance i 've gotten and I encourage others to do so, but considering what has happened to elections Canada(slashed budget and leadership switch amid the voter supression investigation), it's hard to believe that our actual votes will even be counted.
+20 #4 Nadine Lumley 2013-01-22 14:22
Canada’s last 3 fraud elections:

Harper cheated in 2006 with in-and-out fraudulent transactions to get around spending limits.

Harper cheated in 2008 by calling an illegal election.

Harper cheated in 2011 with misleading and deceptive phone calls = voter suppression.

Stephen Harper is not our Prime Minister. Harper stole all 3 last elections. It’s much worse than we’ll ever know.

+11 #3 Chris McDonald 2013-01-22 12:59
It is not merely voter apathy that is a problem. It is our archaic first past the post system. It is flawed, broken and doesn't represent the truth of the votes. So when you have a flawed system that doesn't work, people lose hope, they stop voting because they figure their vote doesn't count and on and on it goes.
-5 #2 Extreme Left-Winger 2012-11-17 19:59
Well it's not all over. If Canada does really start showing obvious evidence that Canada is a Dictatorship, then Barrack Obama would not let a country bordering his turn into a dictatorship. We just had an election where the right wing was just as crazy. And unlike canada with "some american style politics" we had to deal with 100% of it. So a lot was at stake. Mitt romney also was a flopper, and the left wing emphasized the need to vote. Only we succeeded. I dont care how much power Mr.Harper has, if he starts actin a fool, Obama will condemn these actions and i bet if the canadian people cried for help and a need to remove the dictatorship, then believe me, you will have the strongest military the world has known behind your back. But i will say this: by the time that happened the damage would be done. You have a generation to fix this before all the youth will have been growing up ONLY under a harper system. If & when that harper generation becomes the new majority of votes about 20 years from now the psychology and indoctrination will make it a lot harder to return to the politics of before harper. Good luck man. If america ends up with another right-winger then just vote for a guy who will nationalize oil and piss off all the rich people here in the US and he will act :P although sad that that would be one of the only ways to get help from the US. And right wingers use their militaries to blow everything up...thats not good O.o and a right winger would support the harper regime so what am i saying? Anyways i believe this is a problem Canada must be able to solve itself. Good luck mang.

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