Friday, 01 September 2006 19:00 GFP Columnist - Trevor Hill

Most of us wonder when the people living in the Middle East will literally blow themselves right off the map. We wonder why it is they have such a problem with finding a peaceful resolution. Then it hits us - religion.

The denominations of the many turn the entire area into the deadliest reality show on earth. Where do you start to debate this mess? Where does one begin to fathom mankind’s absolute stupidness with this tit-for-tat game between the Israelis and Hezbollah?

This current Middle East showdown between Israel and Hezbollah, who hide out in the middle of Lebanon, (you know, behind the houses of regular folks), has little to do with the kidnapped Israeli soldiers and more to do with who can’t stand who.

Religion gets in the way with everyone believing they have the right god. The Middle East holds one of the most diverse collection of different branches/sects/groups of the Muslim and Jewish faiths and with a healthy mixture of Christian followers thrown in for good measure, you’ve got the groundwork for a major hot spot.

Fuelled by religious convictions and dogma, and lacking the common-sense balance that women-kind bring to any civilization, the Middle East stays in a perpetual state of chaos.

For a lot people this Middle East conflict/crisis/war/terrorist attack/etc. has been going on for what seems like forever; my great-great-great-great-great-great grand pappy wrote stories about it.

This conflict, or, this bombardment of innocent people on both sides of the border, is a reminder of the immaturity of the entire area. This immature reality, with the attached mind-sets, creates one of the most volatile areas we know. There are others, of course… I mean what’s the planet without someone having a problem with their next door neighbour.

But the Middle Eastern countries take it eight miles further up the road. The tantrums they take make all the world’s eyes turn to them - once more.

Again, the world watches as the never-ending war(s) continue. This current event between Israel and Hezbollah, and the game they normally play, has gone overboard because neither side can get their act together because they can’t see past their own noses.

And although we all know why, the Americans, defenders of democracy, fighters for justice, truth and American apple pie, and friends to small woodland creatures have completely ignored the vicious bombing of Lebanon by Israeli jets, and then Bush has the nuts to call the bombings “measured”, with our very own Prime Minister echoing the words of his “friend”!

Good move Mr. Harper.

Nothing like pissing off half the country by changing the Canadian standard neutral policy regarding Middle East affairs.

The Middle East is an area that has no rest, no peace and I wonder if the rest of the planet is as tired of watching and listening to this nonsense as much as I am.

Are we?

Do we not help as a country and as a people - as do others - to expand the minds and the broaden the horizons of the people of the Middle East, with not just our stupid materialistic ways, but with our Human Rights ideals?

Human Rights - it isn’t rocket science people.

Do not people around the world - courtesy of text messaging - know and understand the difference between repression and freedom? Is this not why people around the world in countries everywhere are standing up and raising their arms for a democratic society?

Do Christians have to make their point by being suicide bombers? Or do they just bother us at the front door on occasion?

Is it possible that this area has lost touch with humanity and can’t seem to understand what it is they are doing to themselves, their families, their countries?

Are you humans blind?

If the West are the infidels of the world, as according to many in the Middle East, then why is it that you, who consider yourselves in a higher religious rank, are so out-to-lunch with your behaviour problems?

If the West are such tools, how come we don’t run around and blow each other up - like you.

Is it because we just simply love life and can enjoy a way of living that is supported by Freedoms, Rights, and just Laws created by the people?

Until all the Middle Eastern countries figure out that all their people have a goddamn right to be there, we will have to wait. It will not be any of the great world leaders that will ever pull peace out of a hat and hand it to them.

The power plays, the foreign policies that interfere, the unwillingness to cooperate, the religious factor, the human rights violations - the list of absurdities that get in the way of rational thinking is long and arduous, and will keep this never-ending mess of crap going on far past any of our lifetimes.

This is something that the entire world must tip-toe around. This is something that’s getting tiring when there are more important problems facing humans - like climate change.

Because if we don’t fix that, then the Middle East won’t matter any more - at all.

Image: NFP Files

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