Sunday, 20 August 2006 19:00 GFP Columnist - Trevor Hill

Short of sounding like a complete idiot, and recognizing that beyond a shadow of a doubt it is the people and the children of both Lebanon and Israel who are paying the highest price of the current conflict, I have, but one question.

Who’s paying the price tag to lug everyone home? Taxpayers? How about this - should the effected countries start a class-action lawsuit against Hezbollah and Israel? And why not? Why not sue these two irresponsible groups?

How many countries had to drop whatever they were doing, and make some of the most outlandish arrangements for their citizens that they never would have really anticipated?

Boats, planes, trains, and automobiles, were pulled out of our collective rears and sent with the utmost urgency to rescue our Canadian brethren, who were stranded in the middle of Lebanon dodging the Israeli rockets.

We would have sent canoes if it would have helped!

Americans were told previously not to travel to the Middle East, oh wait, that’s normal for them. They’re not supposed to be there in the first place. Yet even for the Americans, this undertaking was a financial kick in the proverbial teeth. So, how much does the bill for Canada come to? 

What with the luxury liners, the acquisition of aircraft, the Armed Forces Personnel who went there, the days upon days of embassy work involved and of course last but not least, Harper’s detour to pick up a whole one hundred and some odd people while leaving the entire crew et al, of the aircraft, save a few, stranded in Paris. Kind of defeats the purpose of bringing Canadians home.

According to Harper’s Statement on the Cyprus lift… “Once in a safe haven, citizens who wish to return home must secure air travel back to Canada.” Except for the lucky hundred people on board with the King and Queen of Canada. Or I wonder if Mr. Harper went up and down the isles asking for money to put gas in the plane? Is this going to happen again? 

Which country will we have to rush to next time? Luckily for everyone, Lebanon sits on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea. If this were a country smack in the middle of a land mass this rescue operation could have been a much more challenging affair.

But hey, it’s all cool, Israel can wake up one day and go absolutely nuts and we’ll all come a running. Any time. No problem. We have nothing better do, and after all, with the Americans looking from the sidelines and knowing full well that the great defenders of truth and justice, aren’t gonna do squat, Israel has had carte blanc to have a field day with their rocket practicing. If this were any other country, the United States would be throwing bombs at them in the name of democracy.

But it’s not. And since Israel has taken it upon themselves to have a bombing party at everyone’s expense, and since Hezbollah thinks they can blow up parts of Israel any time they feel like, well the hell with ya. You two yahoos owe the countries and people you’ve harmed - big-time. See ya in court.

Image Courtesy of NAMF

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