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Sunday, 20 August 2006 19:00 GFP Columnist - Trevor Hill

Short of sounding like a complete idiot, and recognizing that beyond a shadow of a doubt it is the people and the children of both Lebanon and Israel who are paying the highest price of the current conflict, I have, but one question.

Who’s paying the price tag to lug everyone home? Taxpayers? How about this - should the effected countries start a class-action lawsuit against Hezbollah and Israel? And why not? Why not sue these two irresponsible groups?

How many countries had to drop whatever they were doing, and make some of the most outlandish arrangements for their citizens that they never would have really anticipated?

Boats, planes, trains, and automobiles, were pulled out of our collective rears and sent with the utmost urgency to rescue our Canadian brethren, who were stranded in the middle of Lebanon dodging the Israeli rockets.

We would have sent canoes if it would have helped!

Saturday, 15 July 2006 19:00 GFP Columnist - Trevor Hill

This will be a question that all Canadians will be asking themselves - eventually. It will be a question that the Opposition Parties will be asking in Question Period. It will be a big question in the minds of the Canadian Armed Forces personnel in Afghanistan.

But will it be a question on Prime Minister Harper’s mind? Does the Prime Minister have a mind? We as a nation will likely find out when and if, Harper signs anything related to the word ‘war’ with the United States.

From the sounds of the drums that beat, the United States could swing Harper over into their web of indecency, bringing with it a never ending Canadian Armed Forces presence in not only Afghanistan and Iraq, but maybe in neighbouring Iran, the country with a serious attitude problem.

The War in Afghanistan is exactly that - a war. It is not anything less and our people are in the middle of it, courtesy of George Bush and his pack-o’-lies.


Friday, 09 June 2006 19:00 GFP Columnist - Trevor Hill

The news conference (CTV - June 5/06 regarding the attack on the Toronto Mosque) with the Toronto Police Chief and many of the Community Muslim Leaders, is an example of Canadian openness, tolerance and respect. 

These principles are extended to the Muslim people as with all people in this country, and as we waited for the news conference to begin, we witnessed the several minute prayer, sung by a fellow Muslim. In retrospect, I don’t believe other news conferences start with anything similar. That - is Canada.

“Terror in Toronto!” Here we go. As usual the media is quick to use scare tactic terms regarding terrorism and all that entails it. Other sensationalized terms such as ‘a shaken Toronto’ are broadcasted to the Canadian masses. The word ‘Muslim’ resonates across the country as Canadians have visions of middle eastern men running amok in our cities blowing up our sacred buildings. 

Then a Toronto Mosque is “attacked”. Swift as lightning the Muslim community is up in arms…so to speak. Crying for justice and protection from the evil Canadians. Human Rights this, that and the other, are tossed about as if they invented the Rights themselves. And yet, you can rightfully ask for them in the wake of such oddities - here in Canada.


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