Saturday, 13 April 2013 19:26 GFP Columnist - Haresh Daswani
I'll be honest. I have not met any other Satanists where I am, and yet I openly declare myself to be an author as well as a Satanist to the most conservative people. I do not make new friends saying what I say, doing what I do, but I did not become a Satanist j...ust because I wanted to make new friends.

Religion gets to keep communities believing because they have a society. People meet up after, go for picnics, play Bingo, conduct all these activities that make you feel part of something. People like it, and it makes them happy.

Bottom line though, it is all a distraction. You want a community? Fine, there are many interest groups to look into; but if your intention in becoming a Satanist is because you want to make friends with like mind, good luck buddy! We're not the most popular people out there, and because of this, you're all alone.
Satanism, again, as I would like to repeat to everyone, is not an organization. You can choose to join Satanist groups, but many of us are not part of any group. There is no specific bible, there is no specific enemy.

Satanism is not reserved to be about Christians, or Muslims, or Jews, or any religion. Satanism is a philosophy, a slightly more extreme push into reality at that.

Live with that. We do not do magic tricks, or pray to save the world. People who have altars for Satan have a completely different purpose than a traditional religion. We do not pray for anything; praying does not answer anything.

You have no God to lean on, because there is no God. You're on your own, buddy.

You have no friends from the same church because it is not a popular concept, and besides, we're not necessarily an organized group. You're on your own, buddy.

Satanists are seriously into discovering things for themselves. Satanists are really out there seeking answers, living life outside the confines of laws written by fictional characters and outdated politics.

Satanists are not out there to win any popularity contests. We do not have videos showing a rosy picture of a happy family sacrificing something together.

You are on your own, and you have to get that. You have always been on your own, and you will die alone. Therefore, you have to take responsibility for your own life and live it out. Reality should not make things depressing, it just has to remind us to remember that we can be free provided we see through the bullshit and marketing that society has put in front of us.

Everyone else wants to be part of a big community just so that they feel they are loved. Being accepted then becomes their purpose. They feel that if they are loved, they are doing something right.

What I have discovered in Satanism is that we do our actions not to seek the approval of our community; instead, we choose to do what we see is right based on our experience. We just follow the basic template. Do what you want to do provided you do not cause harm to anyone or anything. Just do what you want.

You want to do good because you want to create positive change? You will definitely do a better job if your main focus is to fix the problem and make things better rather than being loved.

Doing things to be loved, end of the day, is enslaving ourselves to the approval of others. We talk about freedom, but we are dependent on what others have to say.

You want to truly experience freedom? Then you're on your own buddy. Go out there and discover. If you find like minded people, hang out, but do not live for their approval. This life is yours to enjoy; make the most out of it.

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