Wednesday, 10 December 2014 16:40 GFP Columnist - Haresh Daswani
People who fail frequently are people who always have an excuse for everything, and always blame something else beyond their control.

People who succeed will accept their mistakes, and see the mistakes of others or other situation as a stepping stone, a lesson to themselves to ensure success in the next round.

In the end, your success solely depends on you, even for situations beyond your control, you have to find a way to work around it and turn disasters to opportunities."

I love it when people blame the devil, or god's anger or test on their current situation. They always have an excuse.

I had to tackle a situation this morning of ultimate stupidity. They then tell me "Sir, I did not know", all I told them is "if you do not know, ask", to which they replied "you seemed busy". The heck.

I know that I have to immediately visit the area and check if things are doing well and fix damages. When we see a damage though, we have to ask, how did it happen?

More importantly, we ask ourselves, "How can we ensure this will not happen again?". It is as simple as that.

Blaming others, finding fault and choosing to be a victim in a situation, to feel helpless and look skyward for mercy, is a waste of time. If your car is broken, the only way to get it to work again is to fix it.

No amount of prayer will get it to work. You just need to do what you have to do.

You are in control of your own destiny, and only you can do something to fix the situation, even when it comes to asking for help.

Satanists did not become Satanists because they felt god betrayed them. If that was your reason for being a Satanist, then your reason is shallow and baseless.

We are Satanists because we have realized that our action, situation, and future is on our own hands. When we realize that we are independent from god, and that we do not need such a being, then we truly become free.

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