Friday, 02 January 2015 00:00 GFP Columnist - Haresh Daswani
I love it when I meet super religious folks who tell me "Stay away from the internet! It is Satan's playground!". I usually agree with them because I do not really enjoy seeing them go online anyway.

The internet has given us access to all the information, or almost all information, videos, and other things with a touch of a button. We are here socializing, sharing, and learning. Where do we use internet for the most? Pornography.

Pornography is just one of the best things about internet. A large number of internet users out there goes online to get their daily dose of tits and ass. The internet is a boon because it is our release to do what we want WITHOUT BEING JUDGED.

That is the bottomline. The internet gives people freedom they do not get in regular social situations because they do not want to be judged. People can freely express what they want to say and read up on things they have always wanted to read about. The internet, in its very core, has helped people progress faster than ever than prior to its existence.

To those who know how to play in "Satan's playground" as the preacher once put it, will find that almost anything you want to discover about news, science, philosophy, and so on, are available right on your fingertips. It is also used for one to relax and watch stuff they want to watch. The internet has helped us conncect and made our world smaller and more interactive.

The internet too has one thing that the preacher is right about.

It definitely is not part of what "god" would want.

The number of people rethinking their faith have shot up because information is now available everywhere. People can question, people share and argue, and those who have been intellectualy lazy and comfortable in their blindness will find themselves disturbed by meme's and shares of posts like those I write.

One of the greatest achievements of the internet is it is educating people, and educated people are starting to doubt god.

There will always be fanatics who we cannot shake off, fine. But when questions are asked, answers have to be discovered.

You will still find people posting religious quotes online, fine. It will always be there, but you will not find these folks proving through literature that god exists because their god is faith based. Quite like believing in unicorns and Godzilla. They only exist in our mind because we choose to believe in them.

All the hidden atrocities are now also being presented in public. Go online and type "Religious priest child sex abuse" and you will find a lot of articles and documentation, enough to cause any proper human to cringe in the idea of the sad reality of religious abuse.

In the end, all I can say is yes, the internet can be Satan's playground because people are forced to ingest new realities hidden from them. We can look forward to a future where perhaps, there does not have to be any discussion about religion, because it would have been extinct.

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