Wednesday, 30 December 2009 18:00 GFP Columnist - Rattan Mann

Noble Cyberdenizens, this is my second “Alternative Norwegian King’s New Year’s Message”.

As I said in my last New Year’s Message, every voice in Norway that does not kowtow to the diktat of an intolerant and racist state is quietly and discretely suppressed and nobody can do anything about it. Out of fear of making myself a fool on the web, I remained silent for a very long time, but of recent I have overcome my fear of looking ridiculous in cyber-public, and have decided to speak out openly and frequently against these discretely committed crimes by the “most civilized nation on earth” against innocent men, women, and children.

On the race front, there has been no positive movement in Norway since my last year’s message. On the contrary, things have become worse, as proved by the sad story of a Muslim school-girl who was fined almost 20,000. krone for insulting a white school-mate. For a school-girl with no income, this is more than a fortune.

This is the modern, abstract, and legally correct version of lynching – so “abstract and civilized” that no one except a madman like me would compare it with lynching. I will come back to this “abstractization” of state crimes shortly.

On the other hand, there has been a positive movement from a totally different and unexpected direction.

First Pope Benedict undertook a world-tour, apologizing for the crimes the church and its priests, bishops, and cardinals committed against innocent people. Then the Australian prime minister stood before TV, his head bowed in shame, and apologized for crimes against innocent immigrants to Australia. And right now, as I sit penniless and freezing in my bedroom from where I can be evicted any day, the British prime minister is sitting in his sprawling villa and penning another abject apology to an innocent, unsuspecting but forever “lost” generation. That would be his New Year’s Message 2010 just as this is mine.

A common arrow pierces the conscience of these three leaders. And this same arrow binding crime and apology is now hovering over the King’s Palace in Oslo, painting the sky over Norway with this year’s message:

Time has come for the King of Norway to stand up like an honest giant with conscience and apologize for the race crimes Norway is committing against innocent and unsuspecting men, women, and children every day, including Sunday.

It is not a pretty sight when popes, prime ministers, and kings - all giants in their own right – fall on their knees like school children, and beg for forgiveness. But they, as leaders, should know that History is a greater giant, and now this giant arm of History is pointing straight at Karl Johans gate. The King of Norway is warned – and forewarned is forearmed.

Now let me come back to the “abstractization” of state crimes.

One of the most important questions of twenty-first century is:“How would the rogue states of the future look like?”

Not asking this question now would be a betrayal of twenty-second century, just as not addressing the question of climate change in the last century is proving to be a betrayal of the present one.

The rogue states of the present are “old-fashioned” and “out-dated”, borrowing their methods from the Stone Age with all its tell-tale signs – screams from spooky dungeons, blood dripping from a stoned forehead, a stretched neck dangling from a hangman’s noose, or a lonesome bullet resting in the heart.

The rogue states of the future will have none of this “uncivilized behaviour”. They would become so technically sophisticated that state crime itself would be committed in such an abstract and technically-sophisticated manner that our legal systems would completely fail to detect it. One of the main challenges of 21st century is to create legal systems sophisticated enough to challenge and contain this process of gradual abstractization and sophistication of state crimes to the extent that they cannot be called crimes any longer. Present legal systems are ill-prepared for this, just as present political systems are ill-prepared to deal with climate change.

Unfortunately, Norway may have the dubious honour of being the forerunner and prototype of these rogue states of the future – the “missing link” in the evolution of state crime from the Stone Age to the Genetics Age. Norway is warned – and forewarned is forearmed. This also explains why so few people are able to detect the state crimes of Norway.

Finally about the political shape of the future.

With the political shape of the present in flux and turmoil, political pundits are lost in twittering and they need a break from some madman who understands more and twitters less.

After a break of 500 years the future is heading towards the past, and for once this is good news.

The future is heading toward what I call the “Marco Polo Model” of society.

On his return journey from China to Italy, Marco Polo touched upon many coastal towns and cities of India and Africa. His observations about this part of his journey are very relevant to modern times.

Again and again he says that wherever he went, he saw fiercely independent towns and cities, at peace with one another, and indulging in thriving trade with each other.

This stable and ancient model of society where fiercely independent states indulge in peaceful trade with each other on equal terms is what I call the “Marco Polo Model”.

Within a short time (in historical terms) this stable Marco Polo Model was replaced by the unstable “Master Slave Model” of colonial era. Around 1950’s, with the slow death of colonialism, this unstable model gave way to another unstable, apparently more humane, model, the “Superpowers No-powers Model” which is the model of present times. But towards the end of last century, the “Marco Polo Model” began to re-emerge from its den after a 500 years long “winter-slumber”. The first war with Saddam Hussein disrupted its progress, but the economic meltdown has given it a new and stable momentum, and it is all set to “overthrow” the unstable “Superpowers No-powers” model.

So the answer to the perennial problem “Quo Vadis, Mankind?” is:

We are heading towards the Age of Little Rashmi In Wonderland where trekking towards the Past on her rickety pony means flying towards the Future on her uncle’s jet plane.

Superpowers would continue to exist in the future too, but the “Superpowers No-Powers” model will play a second fiddle to the “Marco Polo” model of society. This is my hope and dream and “prediction”, and to hope and dream and “predict” over Christmas and New Year is the prerogative of every human being on earth.

Postscript: Out of the blue, Thundercloud Climategate burst upon the world-stage ( = Category 6 hurricane Climategate made a landing on our Global Village ) after I had finished this New Year’s Message. But it has burst open a floodgate which must be fixed right now – in 2010 – if our Global Village is to avoid another Deluge of Biblical Proportions.

It seems as if I, sitting unemployed and broke in my cold bedroom, am doing more service to the true and just cause of global warming than many expert professors who have jumped upon the noble bandwagon of Climate Catastrophe with a one point agenda of looting research funds by hook or crook. They have shamed and disgraced noble science and research just as people like me are sacrificing everything for them.

This phenomenon of looting research funds for doing nothing except producing worthless junk euphemistically called “Model Building” or “data analysis” is very widespread in all departments of all universities (at least in Norway – I know it because I live here) . It is neither specific to climate research nor has it anything to do with global warming. It is always and only about money and power.

The first indication of it came with the global economic meltdown. Everybody noticed what “incompetent outcastes” like me have been saying all along: All those sophisticated, infallible, and extremely mathematical models of economic progress were actually worthless. The only value of that junk was that it brought huge research grants to their writers, and gave them power enough to deny all research opportunities to honest and intelligent people like me who did not want to be a part of any scam. This phenomenon has been corroborated for the second time within a year or two by the Climategate scandal. But it is happening in other departments too.

And its only solution is to integrate it with similar problems of fraud and dishonesty on Wall Street and elsewhere discovered during the economic meltdown. This problem cannot be solved in isolation just as the problem on Wall Street cannot be solved by hanging one bank-manager. If this is not done, economics would head towards another meltdown and noble science would head towards the Dark Ages. I explain.

There are very close parallels between today’s universities and its professors and the Church and its bishops and cardinals of the Dark Ages.
Whenever bishops and cardinals of the Dark Ages wanted to steal money or property, they would at once declare innocent people as witches, burn them at stake, and grab everything they had. Now that theft and loot has become more “abstract” and sophisticated and legally correct, nobody is burned at the stake, but the process is basically the same. Today innocent people are only “excommunicated” from the university – denied all positions and opportunities in a “legally correct” manner. But just as God and true religion survived these thugs calling themselves bishops and cardinals, science and true research would survive and even thrive in spite of these present day thugs calling themselves professors. This is another of my new year’s message and “prediction”.

Now back to “my beloved paradise” Norway.

If this problem of open loot of research funds in Norwegian universities is not fixed right now – in 2010 – then unfortunately and very sadly, the King of Norway – a giant in his own right – may again be forced to fall on his knees and apologize for the misdeeds of his professors (whom he appoints himself, at least to my knowledge) just as another giant, Pope Benedict, is apologizing for the misdeeds of his cardinals and bishops (whom he appoints himself, at least to my knowledge again).

And if the King of Norway cannot reform the rotten Norwegian universities, we must find somebody else who can. So I give this ad to any truth-loving newspaper bold enough to take it:


Wanted Urgently – A new Martin Luther who would nail a new “Wittenberg Thesis” to the Gates of Oslo University.

A Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody.

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DayLife - U.S. first lady Michelle Obama (L) removes dust from her husband Nobel Peace Prize laureate U.S. President Barack Obama's suit as Norway's King Harald looks on at the Royal Castle in Oslo December 10, 2009. Obama acknowledged criticism of his Nobel Peace Prize on Thursday but said he hoped it would subside if he succeeded in his goals, including cutting nuclear weapons and tackling climate change. - Reuters Pictures

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