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Noble Cybercitizens, this year I will talk of only one thing – the most important event in Norway after the Second World War. Yes, I mean Anders Breivik’s Oslo Massacre. As the Norwegian police files charges against Breivik for killing 78 people, I file counter-charged against the Norwegian police in the court of public opinion for being directly responsible for the death of at least 50 of those 78 people. 

I appeal to all of you to be my Cyber Judges and Jury.

First the facts which are well-known.

On July 22nd, 2011, Anders Breivik exploded a powerful bomb before the Prime Minister’s office in Oslo which killed 8 people and then, dressed as a police officer, drove for about 90 minutes to the nearby island of Utoeya. There he gunned down another 78 people, unchecked and at his leisure.

That this is racism at its worst is clear to everybody. What is less well-known is that Breivik’s philosophy is not so unique in Norway. The only difference is that professors, CEO’s, and ministers do with their pen what Breivik did with his gun. In other words, one guy tipped over the edge and grabbed a gun instead of a safe pen. This was waiting to happen and in a sense it is good for coloured minorities in Norway because it made public issues hidden in a closet for too long.

So my first Christmas and New Year’s wish is that this tragic incident serves as an occasion to exposes those who are doing the same thing with their pens rather than guns.

Now I come to my charge-sheet against the police and present it to the court of cyber opinion:

In spite of claiming again and again that Norway was fully prepared for a terrorist attack, the richest and most technologically advanced nation on earth did not have a single helicopter in its capital which could fly to Otoeya island and save at least 50 kids from being massacred like sitting ducks.

Even after a bomb explosion before the Prime Minister’s office, the Norwegian police did not set up any road blocks. If they had, Breivik would have been caught red-handed before reaching Utoeya and 78 lives would have been saved. The reason is that he was wearing a false police uniform, and a simple identity check would have exposed him.

Without a helicopter at their disposal, about 8 to 10 police finally rushed like unruly urchins and jumped into a boat too small for all of them. Of course, it almost sank immediately, and did break down after a short while because the police did not notice what boy-scouts would have noticed immediately – that it was overloaded. The delays in getting a new boat allowed Breivik to shoot more people at his leisure.

Once on the new boat, the police took a route which was around five times longer than what they should have taken. This is a mystery to me. Making a Second World War comparison, this incident is as mysterious as the mysterious orders of Hitler not to invade England after his army conquered France dancing and singing and eating cake.

Why should the police take the longest possible route to a place where children were being shot every second, is the greatest Norwegian mystery of modern times. What sort of training had those police received against a terrorist attack?

In light of all this incompetence, for which an untrained boy-scout would have been reprimanded, I say to the court of public opinion that it was not Breivik but the police which was responsible for the death of at least 50 people.

When the lawyer representing some of the dead victims criticized the police – which mean she basically said what I am saying to you – she immediately got a personal telephone from the Justice Minister himself who ordered her to keep her mouth shut and stop criticizing the police. What sort of democracy is this? In any democratic country, the minister would have been forced to resign immediately, if by nobody else then by a fearless media. But not so in Norway. The timid and servile Norwegian media instead black-listed and ostracized the lawyer, because I never saw her on TV again. She was evaporated in Orwellian style.

This explains why nobody hears anything negative about Norway – nobody is allowed to say anything negative even if it is 1000% true. In the court of public opinion I demand the immediate resignation of the justice minister.

Honourable Cyber Judges, and the members of the Cyber Jury, lest you think that this is a one-time incompetence, I narrate another shameful saga of recent times.

Recently it was discovered that about 100 people had died in various hospitals in Norway because they had received wrong treatment. The relatives of the dead forced an official inquiry. The Inquiry Committee discovered that in the past 10 years, eighty percent (80%) of the medical and psychological treatment in Norwegian medical institutions was wrong.

In any other democratic country, heads would have started rolling, and cases would have landed in the courts by dozens. But not so in Norway. Nobody questioned the health minister. Nobody took the blame. Nobody was even named and shamed by the media. The servile Norwegian media made no attempt to follow this matter, as if the life of these 100 innocent people meant nothing. Even in “corrupt” third world countries a lot of noise would be made about such gross negligence and incompetence. But not so in Norway.

So my second Christmas and New Year’s wish is that Norway become a true democracy at last and punishes the guilty, the health minister resign, and that the servile Norwegian media start showing some courage and guts and follow this matter up.

Now I come to my annual (yearly) predictions.

The most important question of 2012 is - Quo Vadis, HomoEconomicus?

In recent times, Homo Sapiens (Man, the Wise) has thrown all his wisdom to the wind, and degenerated into a greedy, third-rate Homo Economicus, Man, the Economist. He has lost all his bearings and is floating rudderless on turbulent waters.

Actually the turmoil and uncertainty in the global economy is more apparent than real. Our Global Village is following a very exact and inevitable law of physics - “Water finds its own level”!

Specifically, this means that we are in Phase 2 of the “Inevitable demise of inequality created long ago by colonialism and imperialism”. The wealth, influence, and living standards of the west will decrease and that of the east will increase till there is some sort of balance and parity. This also means that the hollow academic debates of “Capitalism versus Communism”, “East is East and West is West” etc., will become less and less relevant till they wither away altogether.

Another question that is putting the pundits in a tail-spin is - “Will Euro and EU survive”?

Actually this question is not very important because it will not change the course of events which is that water is finding its own level. The collapse of the Euro will only increase chaos and misery of the ordinary people without changing anything. Therefore it has to be avoided. Whether wisdom will win over self-interests is a different matter.

So the task of world leaders is not to indulge in short-term academic thinking but to ensure that turbulent waters find their own level in the smoothest possible way. Here there is a lesson from history.

The collapse of colonialism was inevitable, but instead of accepting this inevitability, the so-called “world leaders” made it such a messy process in the 1950s that it led to great pain and misery, all of which could have been avoided if wisdom rather than self-interests had ruled the minds of leaders.

We are in a similar situation today, and the ball is again in the court of “world leaders”. Creating a new Rich North Poor South divide won’t stop the flow of the new inevitable tides. It will only bring unnecessary misery to ordinary people.

Finally, I dedicate 2012 to all those brave and revolutionary people everywhere who, after a 50 years hiatus, are once more asking fundamental questions: questions about Wall Street, questions about Middle-East rulers and questions about Indian corruption. History has shown that history always changes when people start asking fundamental questions, rather than shallow academic ones.

And Happy New Year to all!

Image Courtesy of DayLife - Demonstrators stand outside the courthouse in Oslo Monday morning Nov. 14, 2011. In anticipation of the hearing for Anders Behring Breivik they brandish posters translating to "We will never forget the 22nd. July massacre, crush fascism" and "No podium for fascists". Breivik has admitted killing 77 people on July 22. - AP Photo 

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