Saturday, 01 March 2014 00:00 GFP Columnist - Jack Random
The Honorable Hillary Clinton
Former United States Senator for the State of New York
Former Secretary of State

Dear Ms. Clinton: 

The question is as obligatory as the answer is obvious:  You are running for president.  Everything you have done since the last run in 2008 has been geared to the next in 2016.  You have bolstered your foreign policy credentials by serving honorably as Secretary of State and resigned to give yourself distance from the Obama administration in the event things do not go well in the second term. 

A word of advice:  We need a woman president.  We do not need a second coming of Bill Clinton.  Yes, everyone remotely associated with Democratic Party politics loves Big Bill now; and yes, he is a remarkably talented politician.  But he is also singularly responsible for eliminating the left from mainstream American politics.  The Democratic Party today is the moderate branch of the Republican Party not too many years ago.  It did not start out that way for President Clinton but that is his legacy. 

What would you bring to the White House to distinguish yourself from your husband?  One of the low points of your previous campaign was when you attempted to channel Bill in defending a gas tax holiday:  “I’m not going to put in my lot with economists.”  Bill could get away with that sort of tomfoolery; you cannot.   Be yourself and let the chips fall.  We can only hope that who you really are is what we need in a president. 

Jack Random

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