Saturday, 15 March 2008 19:00

ImageThank you all for your important works...for the people, by the people...with just laws...tain't that hard a concept!

Keep on point. There is a peaceful revolution afoot...

Public outrage has reached it's critical mass, heads have and will roll - WE THE PEOPLE have had it with sleazy politics that degrade us as nothing more than a glorified dictatorship replete with the the stench of hubris run amok.

We the peoples who torture our enemy yet deny them our wretched methods to our own have nary a moral right to object to any belligerency put upon our own hypocritical rights - to pursue happiness under just laws indeed!

Shakespeare would quiver in his grave if after all these years of grave sacrifice in seeking the truth of good will toward men ....that these modern humans whom have yet to practice civilized law...would still be still struggling with the idea of whether torture is good or bad.

Is pure folly of thy minds. Whew!!!!

Or so goes my thought gentle folk - Aloha Spirit be with you

Craig C Budreau
Austin , Texas

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