An Open Letter to the U.S. Presidential Candidates

Monday, 24 March 2008 10:25

This is an open letter to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain. I doubt that you will take the time to actually reply to this letter even if you see it, but I want to try.


I’m a 48 year old white American male. I’m no one special, but I do represent the working class of Americans in the United States of America in the fact that because of decisions that have been made by the current Presidential Administration, I’m suffering and struggling to get by in life. As a representative of the working class in this country, I have some blatant and candid questions that I would like blatant and candid answers to.

Chevron posted a profit in 2007 of $18.7 billion dollars. Taking into consideration that 1 billion days ago, Jesus hadn’t even been born yet; and taking into consideration that many people who exist on minimum wage have to work an average of 1.5 days to fill their gas tanks to get back and forth to their minimum wage job, I ask you: What action will you take as President of the United States, to stem the souring cost of gasoline?

Recently I had occasion to be part of a local count of people in my area of central Florida who are homeless. During the count, I came across a staggering number of homeless senior citizens who cannot work due to their age and physical limitations, and who cannot afford a simple one-room flat; much less afford food and medicine. If I help elect you as President, what specific plan do you have in place to address this issue?

Not long ago, I came out of a local convenience store, and I tell you that I have never in my life had so many people concerned about my well-being at one time. “You alright man?” “Hey man, you straight?” It was later that I realized that they were attempting to sell me drugs – right there in public and in open daylight. Illegal drug use has deteriorated society in such a way that normal people like me are now apprehensive to go out after dark and frequent restaurants and malls in what was once safe places. What as President, do you propose to do to stop this growing and rampant epidemic?

Please explain to me like I’m a two-year-old, exactly what you propose to do to stem the flow of illegal aliens to this country. Because of the alien population, I have been excluded from many employment opportunities; because I am not bilingual. Will you make English the national language of the United States of America, and if not, why not? Will you force the new alien population to learn English before becoming a citizen of this country?
I have zero faith that the government of the United States will act in my best interest: None. I’m not alone in this belief. What changes will you take if I help elect you as President, which will restore my faith in the federal government as a whole?

I ask this last question because it affects every area of my life. Because gasoline is so costly, everything; literally everything is now higher priced. What economic proposals do you have in place that you will follow through on if I help elect you to office, which will directly benefit me? What do you plan to do to raise the value of the American Dollar?

I hope that if you see this open letter to you, that you will take a few moments from your day to address these questions. I will vote for someone as President as I take the right to vote seriously, and I want to make the best choice I can based on what you will do to help the average working person, like myself.

W. A. Boyer

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