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Before we left and went on our journey to reinvent the GFP, we posted this very cool video of people from around the world groovin’ to Pharrell William’s “Happy” song.  This silly yet contagious song has somehow inspired people to get off their collectives asses and jump around their neighbourhoods wearing big happy smiles.

We’ve decided to put it back on – for eternity, or until the internet breaks.

Besides Pharrell’s ‘official’ version, hundreds of people in dozens of countries and cities across the planet have indulged us all with their own home-grown versions.  People from Argentina, China, Russia, Kuwait... to places I didn’t know existed with names I can’t pronounce are all up and bouncing around the hood!

Every colour imaginable, every religion possible, young and old, straight, gay and in-between, rich and poor, in virtually every video – together – dancing and smiling… wow…who knew?

Maybe there is hope for us after all…

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0 #1 Trevor GFP Publisher 2014-05-21 10:29
:o Jailing 6 Iranian people for dancing to Pharrell's very cool tune, 'Happy!' has got to be one of the most asinine things being done on this planet... well, let's just say for the moment.

Wait... I know what it is...

The Iranians just wanted everyone possible to see 'their Happy video' and get more youTube hits then other 'Happy!' videos.

Well played Iran. Well played.

I think I should have stayed in bed today... :zzz

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