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Saturday, 02 January 2010 18:00 Newsflashes - GFP News

ImageInspired by the Reporters Without Borders editorial cartoon (The Russian School of Journalism) regarding the state of journalism in Russia, G. Tod Slone of the American Dissident (Blog), created a rendition of his own entitled The American School of Journalism.

The American Dissident
(Website), was created as an IDEAL in direct opposition to the mass of indistinguishable journals that serve literature as status-quo-friendly entertainment and diversion. It seeks instead to publish literature that questions and challenges that status quo. It seeks to promote the ideal of DEMOCRACY (vigorous debate, freedom of speech and expression, and encouraged criticism of all institutions and icons).

Our hat goes off to Mr. Slone for his cartoons and his effort to uphold democracy in America.


Thursday, 17 December 2009 13:29 Newsflashes - GFP News

ImageWe’re thrilled to announce that one of our Editorial Cartoonists, MJ, has had another Cartoon chosen for the second year in a row for Charles Brookes' “The Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year for 2010”!

From the U.S. and Canada, Charles Brooks collects and compiles the best editorial cartoons that are available and then publishes them in the Pelican Publishing’s ‘Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year!’ annual edition series that was started in 1972.

The National Free Press' Editorial Cartoonist MJ, brings a special brand of political cartooning into the social commentary arena. Combining wit and insight, MJ portrays the current headline-making events and controversial issues through each year with a visual feast of the foibles and failings of all politicians - none are spared, no matter their party affiliation.

Monday, 22 June 2009 19:00 Newsflashes - GFP News

ImageWe have a Winner!

Congratulations to Greg Bulmash of Lynnwood, Washington for coming up with the winning line for our 'Rush" Toon Contest!

We'll have a NFP T-Shirt with the winning caption heading in Greg's direction shortly, to see more about our winner, we invite you to visit his website - Brainhandles!

Our thanks to MJ for supplying the Rush Limbaugh Toon. See more of MJ’s Toons here!

Monday, 26 January 2009 19:00 Newsflashes - GFP News

ImageThe National Free Press has joined in with over 160 other media organizations from around the world to support a Reporters Without Borders Petition regarding the stopping of the entry of journalists into the Gaza Strip. The Petition is to be delivered to the Israeli Embassy.

The RWB sponsored Petition has drawn support from such media organizations as ABC News, Al Jazeera, Cartoonists Rights Network International, CBC, CBS News, CNN, Le Devoir, New York Times, and the Hong Kong Journalists Association to name a few.

Click here for the NFP news story about the Petition.

Click here for more from Reporters Without Borders about the Petition.

The NFP is proud to support the RWB and wish them the best of luck with their endeavour.

Friday, 09 January 2009 19:00 Newsflashes - GFP News

ImageOur congratulations to HyperKitty, of Missouri, U.S., our recent Winner of our latest Member’s Contest of Colour Editorial Cartoons courtesy of MJ, one of our Editorial Cartoonists!

These personally autographed, suitable for framing, colour prints will be sure to create a great conversation piece as well as spice up HyperKitty’s favourite living space! Our thanks to MJ at PC Studios for donating these very cool Toon Prints as a prize!


Kitty Image Courtesy of HyperKitty's Profile Pic


Saturday, 06 December 2008 15:54 Newsflashes - GFP News

ImageCongratulations to MJ for his appearance as a Guest Toonist for Legend of Bill: “Side Quests. You can see it on the Legend of Bill website or click the Read More button to see the toon now held here for all time! Keep kickin’ ass MJ!



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