Monday, 28 June 2010 00:00 GFP Columnist - Rattan Mann

I have been reading with great concern and anger the recent headline reports in Norwegian media about the rotten and criminal practices in the "Paradise" of Norwegian medical world.

Till today the Norwegian medical system has been described as a "living heaven on earth", but finally, after decades of protests by people like me, the dirt and the stink has started surfacing on the shores of "Paradise" like the black dirt-balls in Mexico Gulf surfacing on the beautiful Florida beaches.

Here are two facts the Norwegian media has finally been forced to report.

1)The head of the institution for checking whether the degrees of medical people in Norway are genuine or fake, Liv Loberg (60), has finally been exposed as having all her degrees, including one from London School of Economics - faked.

Since almost three decades she had been the head of one institution after another on the basis of these faked degrees.She did not even have a normal college education.

The Norwegian media knew it all along but dare not report it.

2) The Norwegian media is also finally reporting dozens of deaths from operations carried out by unqualified people like Liv Loberg on unsuspecting patients. Again people like me had been pointing to this for decades.

Now comes the bitter truth.

The Norwegian media has been forced to report this because so many lives have been lost that they began to loose their credibility as a free press if they continued to suppress and hide the truth on orders from above.

I am not in the medical field, but since decades I have been talking of utter incompetence of professors in Norwegian universities because they too have no qualifications and are enjoying a permanent tenure on the basis of faked degrees. I have been saying all along that the phenomenon of fake degrees of professors in Norwegian universities is more common than the corresponding phenomenon in medical circles.

This is well known to the media, But now time has come for the media to expose this phenomenon in the universities like Oslo university if they want to maintain their credibility as a free and democratic press. If they don't, they will be forced to do so by people like me who have sacrificed everything in life for the sake of truth and honesty.

The Norwegian press is publicly warned that they can no longer act like "Stalin's boys" protecting everyone Stalin wanted them to protect.

Image Courtesy of Dagbladet (Norway) - Pictured: Liv Loberg

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